How to Get Spray Paint Off Windows

You just finished spray painting your latest masterpiece, but now you’ve got paint all over your windows. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get rid of it quickly and easily.

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Whether you’re trying to remove spray paint from glass or any other surface, there are a few things you’ll need: vinegar, dish soap, rags, baking soda, and elbow grease. With a little bit of effort, you can get rid of unsightly paint stains and return your windows (or other surfaces) to their original condition.

What You’ll Need

In order to remove spray paint from windows, you will need the following supplies:
-Rubbing alcohol
-Lacquer thinner
-Paint stripper
-Stiff bristled brush
-Paper towels
-Clean rags

Step One: Scrape Off the Excess Paint

Scrape off as much of the paint as you can with a putty knife or similar object. If the paint is still wet, you may be able to simply peel it off in large pieces.

Step Two: Apply a Paint Thinner

Applying a paint thinner is the second step in getting spray paint off windows.

Step Three: Use a Heat Gun

Removing spray paint from windows is best done with a heat gun. A heat gun is a tool that uses hot air to loosen paint from surfaces. It is important to use a heat gun on the lowest setting possible so that you do not damage the window.

Step Four: Try Soap and Water

If the paint is water-based, you might be able to remove it with soap and water. Wet a sponge with warm, soapy water and gently dab at the paint until it starts to lift. If that doesn’t work, move on to another method.

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Step Five: Use Vinegar

If the paint is still not coming off, you can try using vinegar. Soak a cloth in vinegar and rub it over the paint. You may need to do this several times to remove all of the paint.

Step Six: Use Alcohol

Second only to acetone, alcohol is a highly effective paint stripper. It’s also much gentler on both skin and surfaces, making it a good choice for larger paint stripping jobs. You can purchase alcohol specifically for paint removal, or opt for a cheaper option like vodka.

Step Seven: Use Ammonia

You will need:

If you have any paint left on your windows after following the previous steps, you can use ammonia to remove it. Be sure to diluted the ammonia with water before using it, and always wear gloves to protect your hands.


There are a few ways to get spray paint off windows, depending on the severity of the paint job. If the paint is still wet, you can try using a razor blade or a putty knife to scrape it off. If the paint has already dried, you can use a paint stripper or sandpaper to remove it. If the paint is particularly stubborn, you may need to use a chemical solvent.

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